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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Website Worth Mentioning For DIY Brides

I stumbled upon the website (ok, ok, I was trawling the web for DIY ideas as I'm already going over my budget *looks down in slight shame*),  Dress It Yourself.  It gives brides on a budget some fab ideas on how to shave £££'s off their big day and they have different themes to shop by including vintage, country garden, and romance to name a few. I've had a few ideas myself.  I especially love love love this cake kit.

For this cake, you could order a plain iced cake from Marks & Spencer, for example, http://www.marksandspencer.com/Marks-and-Spencer-Romantic-Pearl/dp/B00170PCUK?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_7&nodeId=80083031&sr=1-7&qid=1310770150.  NB.  The cake comes as a plain iced cake to be decorated yourself.  From £179 for 3 tiers, plus £15 for the Dress It Yourself Cake Kit, you can have a lush wedding cake for a fraction of the price of what some cake companies charge.

I proudly printed off my design and showed the H2B.  "Look babe,I'm saving us money", I beamed at him.  Unfortunately he was more interested in organising things for his upcoming fishing trip.  "Well, gills, fins and slime won't look as pretty in a dress, and enjoying cake, as much as I will", I muttered under my breath albeit loud enough for him to hear.  I swear, he stopped for a second to think that one over.... 

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