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Monday, 11 July 2011

James Green - Photographer Review

When I looked at James' portfolio, he shone out from the rest.  I did, of course, out of pure bridal obsessiveness, look at other websites too but my mind always turned back to Mr Green. 

His signature reportage style really captures the essence and the ambiance of the day.  Not only does he do weddings, but he also offers studio, portraiture, location and boudoir sessions too. 

Contact was first established via email through his website http://www.jamesgreenstudio.com/index.php.
I got a swift response and an initial consultation was planned.  To say I was excited is a slight understatement.  I stated from day one that I wanted my church, venue and photographer booked imminently and after that, much to my H2B's delight, I'd chill out for a while on the whole planning shenanigans (I had my fingers crossed behind my back by the way).

We sat and waited, and waited until my fiance, who was slightly (*replace slightly with extremely*) less enthusiastic, decided to phone and see where James was.  Now I know this doesn't bode well or look professional or give a good first impression but he fully admitted that he had forgotten about our meeting.  "He obviously isn't eager for the work" I thought to myself - "and we're in a recession!" 

James does only take on a limited number of weddings per year so he can spend the time and dedication on his clients, which, is an aspect I very much appreciate and respect, being one of those clients, and gives a sense of exclusivity. 

Our actual meeting was good.  He was friendly, laid back and seemed interested in us as a couple.  I was very honest with him and told him the shots I liked and what I didn't like and he promised that his focus would be on us all day.  After all, we are the ones paying him, and I want to remember how goddess-like, classy and elegant I look and not Uncle Fred trying graciously to scoff a canape or putting up the 'bunny ears' behind the newly acquired mother-in-law (*cringing with embarassment at the mere thought*). 

We looked at his portfolio samples and he brought a range of albums and different finishes we could choose from and asked about our ceremony and venue.  Just to mention, James will travel worldwide and has recetly done weddings in Italy - fancy!

He left us with a booking form and the different packages he offers.  As soon as he left I was happy that I'd chosen him as our shutterbug.  I think it's very important to have trust in your photographer as really, your photos are (in my eyes) crucial. What else are you going to bore your grandchildren with?

After booking, James emailed me; 
"I'm glad you picked me and I know you have picked the best.  Epic, stunning documentation of your amazing day in photos is certain!"

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