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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Venue Hunt Over - The Next Step

Ok, so because me and my other half we're arguing over the 2 shortlisted venues, we booked to have a look around a 'mutual venue', i.e. a venue that neither of us had an opinion on or knew anything about so that we could compare it to our 2 shortlisted.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't too thrilled at the thought of looking around somewhere new but, both of us actually really loved it!  We are due to go for a taste session of the menu in just over a weeks time and if that goes well, we'll be putting our deposit down there and then. 

I still prefer my first choice but this new place ticks more boxes on keeping everyone happy so I'm very prepared to compromise.  The wedding co-ordinator was lovely too.  She got excited with me and even presented me with a table number holder she thought would fit in with my scheme and it was the exact ones I'd been looking at on the web - coincidence?  fate? Meant to be I think!

This new venue decorates the whole place including flowers, has a pianist to play through the wedding breakfast and can allow us to offer our guests a menu choice with no extra cost.  Add to that the convenience of hotel rooms for our family and friends to stay over should they wish.  We also asked for a few minor adjustments on the first quote that was provided and we've managed to save nearly £2000!  I'll share some tips in another post.

I'm very happy with our new found venue! Hurrah!

Now all I need is wedding insurance and because everything is taken care of by the wedding co-ordinator at our venue, I don't need to do anything else now for another 6 months, which will be to book the honeymoon.  The fiance had the say in this so we will be jetting off to the luxurious, white sand, crystal blue waters of the Maldives - a fine choice I must say. 

My sister has just recently gotten engaged too.  She is waiting 3-4 years before they get hitched but she is starting her planning now.  I am (or will be by that time) Matron of Honour which equates to more planning, stress and comforting her when the tears start, which, lets face it, is inevitable. 

Then in 7 months, it'll be time to start looking for The Dress....

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