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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sell My Wedding - Review

Let me introduce you to www.sellmywedding.co.uk

Becca isn't asking the Brides (or Grooms) that get cold feet to try and sell their own big day rather than lose all their deposits; no, it's a fab new website for Brides to Be and the Brides that Have Been to buy and sell their wedding centrepieces, dresses, hats, jewellery, services and much much more.  It's Ebay but for those of us that are overly wedding orientated! 

As it's a brand new website, there are a few empty categories to choose from at the moment but I highly recommend the Sell My Wedding site to browse for a bargain or two or alternatively, once your Big Day has been and gone (and you can bare to part with your memorabilia), sell it on to other B2B in preparation for their day.  Let's face it, times are hard at the moment and so any excuse to grab a bargain and we're there.  I think when Becca gets this established, it'll be a huge success and I for one will be regularly checking back to see if I can get any treasures for my wedding.

Good luck & well done Becca!

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