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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Any Other Wedding Plug!

Just a quickie to urge all Brides to Be to visit one of my favourite wedding blogs; Any Other Wedding.  Clare, Anna and Aisling have, on many an occasion, had me in stitches with their quick wit and dry sense of humour which as you may have noticed, is right up my street.

From teaching us all how to honeymoon to naming me winner of their 'One of Kind Handmade Weddings' by Laura Maffeo and Colleen Mullaney' book (I haven't received it yet but I'm far too excited.  Seriously, even Mr S has told me to "chill out, it's only a book".  What does he know anyway (he'll definitely know about it come the Big Day when EVERYTHING will be handmade.  Check out my next post which will feature just a few things that I've made so far...and that's without the book!

My Prize!  Handmade Weddings by Laura Maffeo & Colleen Mullaney
A must for all Brides on a budget.

After being approached by a gypsy last week and saying "no" when she asked me to buy a lucky charm from her, I was told by most people (especially my grandma who was more than mortified with me) that I was destined for a lifetime of bad luck.  So that afternoon I entered AOW 's giveaway to try and prove everyone wrong.....TADAAA!*insert fanfare noises here* I'm living proof that saying "no" to a gypsy does not equal an eternity of bad luck and misery.

Thank you ladies for my fantabulous prize and for making me smile on what was a horrible grey morning!

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