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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

DIY Wedding Projects (No Laughing Please!)

These are a few of my DIY projects that I have thought of for my wedding or other people's weddings, obviously depending on theme etc.  I'll keep a log of my other projects as and when 'I DO' them (get it? I do? OK, jokes and speeches will probably not be on my to do list).
My first attempt at my own cake-topper.  It obviously needs work.

I found the most perfect cake topper that I must have, however, at £140, it's well out of my budget.  I thought I'd have a go at making one myself but rather than spend a chunk of money on polymer clay, I spent £3 on plasticine (hence the luminous hair, Tango style face, fluorescent pink body and questionable gown)  to have a few attempts at moulding and shaping.  I can't show you the final product as it is a surprise for the wedding day but you get the idea. 

All about the shabby-chic

Very easy to make however, I've tried 2 times since and haven't gotten on very well.  Quite theraputic to do on a good old grey English summers day.  Tut.

Plain or chocolate dipped shortbread biscuits.  Great for a dessert table or even favours.

I'm forever baking.  I love it.  Mr S is the Gordon Ramsey, I'm the Eric Lanlard.  It works well.  Perfect match!  To make 160 of these biscuits, I calculated it to cost me in the region of less than £4.  Bargain!!

If anyone else has any ideas or pictures they'd like to share, please click here to get in touch.

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