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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Five Minute Freak Out

OK, so I know I’ve got quite a while to go until THE day (one year, 8 months and 12 days to be precise – and can I just point out that I only know that thanks to my free wedding countdown app on my iPhone), but I’m seriously freaking out about my dress.  I spend far too long gazing through bridal gown shop windows, thumbing through magazines and searching the minefield also known as the internet, to try and pick out what will suit me and my style.  I STILL have no idea.  I have friends who are or who have already been married and are showing me their pictures and every time I see their dress, or any dress for that matter, I find myself saying “yeah, I think I’ll get something just like that”.  I reckon that for the amount of times I’ve done that, I’d have in the region of 892 dresses by now.   How the heck am I meant to know where to start? 
If you’ve not realised by now that this is one of my slight Bridezilla/rant/freak out/stress posts, consider yourself told or warned.  Whichever is most appropriate.
I’ve been told that when I find The One, I’ll just know.  But what if it doesn’t happen?  I can never settle for one.  Of anything.  Cakes, cocktails, chocolate bars (and not those puny little bars either.  The big family size ones – easily demolished in one sitting).  Take for example, my new shoe website I found and kindly told you about a few posts back – Chockers Shoes.  Mr S said he’d treat me to some seeing as though I put up with his constant need to go fishing every weekend.  I found 4 pairs.  Narrowed it down to 2.  Then 3.  Then 2 again.  I can’t pick just one pair.  “Just pick one and have done with it” he said.  “But I can’t.  Can I not just have them both?”  If there was ever a look of ‘you’re pushing it beyond belief’, I think that was the one he gave me.  Now I have no shoes. 
Anyway, I digress to share personal sadness.  Back to the dress saga.  I’ve looked on websites that tell you what dress style to wear for your shape and what’s on the catwalk, but to be honest, as long as I like it, I don’t care if it’s from a season of 10 years ago or if it’s designer or not.  I quite want to feel like a princess, but not in a little girl kind of way.  Would a meringue be too much?  My mum, teamed with one of her best friends commented that they saw me in a sleek, figure hugging, elegant number.  I don’t.  All I know is that I don’t want any kind of material that ‘shines’ and I don’t want a veil, unless it’s below my elbows or longer.  And even then, I’m not overly keen.  But would I not look bride-like if I just had decorative pins in my hair?  Oh, and I definitely, definitely don’t want a tiara.  That is one thing I can guarantee will not be on my person on my day. 
'Meringue' style c/o www.florasdresses.com

Sleek, elegant dress c/o www.johanna-hehir.com

Or something in between? c/o www.londonweddingdresses.com

So you see a little bit of my problem?  I’m too indecisive.  If budget allowed, I’d be all celeb-like and have about 10 different dress changes throughout the day.  That would solve this problem at least.  Then I’ll have to choose my wedding shoes (*look-of-fear-equating-in-crinkled-forehead*). 
That’s a whole other post.  Till next time....

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