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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Surprise Bookings

Not that I'm going to go into too much detail because some of my guests may well be reading this but I'm so excited at the fact that we have booked 2 surprises for our wedding!  The first one is for the guests' enjoyment as much as ours but the second one is something just for me and Mr S.  

As most couples will no doubt be familiar with the situation of wanting to book a certain venue/entertainment/cake for example, and because of the quote given, its been above budget and so you've had to thank the supplier for their quote but unfortunately it can't be justified in your budget.  
Well, we've had many of these scenarios however, I've found that whilst initially disappointed, I've quickly forgotten the idea after a week or so.  These two particular bookings on the other hand, are another kettle of fish, and in the words of Mr S "you've not stopped going on about them since we turned them down, so it obviously means a lot to you".  He's not wrong.  

Imagine my disappointment when I received an email from one of the suppliers letting me know that somebody had booked in for our wedding date already.  My heart sank.  As I kept reading, it turned out that it was a Mr S that had secured our date!  So very adorable, generous and thoughtful.  Just a few of the reasons he is my fiancĂ©!

I hope our guests enjoy our choice of suppliers as much as we do!

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