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Saturday, 31 March 2012

One for the Grooms

This is a short little post for my groom audience.

I have not been shy in telling people that Mr S has said I can basically have full reign of the wedding, i.e. I can choose everything (apart from the honeymoon which he'd like a say on) and then tell him what money is due for him to pay off and when.

I thought this would be an ideal scenario.  Let me tell you, it's not all its cracked up to be.  

I actually value Mr S' opinion.  Not just for the wedding related stuff, but in every day life too.  We're a team.  But when it comes to the wedding planning and I ask for Mr S' opinion, and he replies by saying "whatever, you choose Babe", I feel I could actually give him a big black eye.  If your bride, who is probably feeling a little bit stressed, asks for your opinion whether it be choice of transport to your venue or how many tiers of cake she thinks you should have, just take 5 minutes out to give your input.  Trust me, it really means a lot to know that you've taken an interest, you've listened to your partner and it will give a sense of unity knowing you've made a decision together.  This is, after all, the biggest day of both of your lives.  Not just hers.  

Speaking from experience, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming once you realise how much there is to plan, research, book and organise just for one day to make sure everything runs smoothly for both you and your guests.

I'll take this opportunity to share the fact that I received a text (which came across as very excitable - perhaps a bit too excitable) from Mr S who said that he'd been recommended a lady who made wedding cakes and had phoned and left a message for her to contact him.  I do have to admit that I'd had a bit of a moan at him a few days previous because I felt like he didn't care about the wedding as he'd not had an input.  Needless to say, he was a sweetheart as he'd taken my words on board and then took it upon himself to try and help out.  It meant a lot.  A lot more than I think he even realised.

If you are like Mr S and are happy for your bride to just go ahead and plan away, that's absolutely fine.  All I'm saying is, if your lady is asking for your help, she's not doing it for fun, she actually needs you.  And isn't that part of your job; being there for your future wife when she really needs you and thus making her feel better?  

Plus, if I still haven't convinced you, you get to brag about the parts of the wedding that have  actually had your input, which we all know men love to do....

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