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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Redundancy - On The Lookout

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I'm having a bit of a tantrum today (what's new?).  Some of you who follow me on Twitter may already be aware that I have just recently been made redundant from my 9-5 job.  I've gone through the motions of shock, anger, sheer panic and have come out the other end with the notion of acceptance.  

I still have the occasional panic due to us having to pay the rest of the wedding off as my wages were in fact what we were using to pay off outstanding balances and now that's not being regularly paid into my bank, it makes me go all funny thinking about it.  I've laid awake at night working myself up wondering how we'll get by but then again, it's not just me that is going through this horrible experience.  Statistics from the DWP show that there were 164,000 redundancies in September to November 2011, so I'm far from the "woe is me" kind of state that, truth be told, many people thought I would be*.  (*Not  that I'm an attention seeking drama queen).

I'm a friendly, positive person. You will find me to be hard working, punctual and of a smart appearance.  I could go on but I'm sick of writing these qualities out on the zillions of application forms and CVs that I've sent out to potential employers.  There's not much around in terms of suitable jobs, especially where I live.    It appears that Lincolnshire, even though it is the second largest county in England, is well and truly in the dark ages when it comes to having exciting things around.  Not just having a lack of jobs (well, suitable jobs for me), it doesn't have the best shops, doesn't have the best facilities, nobody famous comes here and more importantly, it doesn't have a wide range or distinctive selection of wedding industry individuals.  Now don't get me wrong, we have sourced all of our wedding suppliers locally because we believe in supporting local businesses so I am in no way disrespecting any of the dress shops, jewellers, invitation makers etc at all.  I just think that there could be a bigger presence and more choice perhaps.  

And this is where I come in!  I have many qualities that I believe would be beneficial to those in the industry.  I have a passion for weddings and I'm freakishly organised and efficient. I know a lot of suppliers in the area and I really want to bring something unique to couples planning their weddings.  I'm in love with love, romance and have been accused in the past of going about life wearing rose tinted glasses.  Saying that, I know when to be professional, assertive and strive to get the task in hand done. 

I do have many other things I could add to the list above but I don't fancy being accused of using my blog post to just 'big up' myself and come across as arrogant or big headed.  But if there are any suppliers, businesses or just bloomin' lovely people out there reading this that want to give me a chance; even just a little one, then please get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you with any ideas you may have or opportunities I could be a part of.

As for our wedding; because I booked all of my suppliers approximately two years in advance and was able to start paying for them over the last year, we don't have a massive amount of money left to pay off.  So though I got snorted at by some people for starting "way too early", when I'd pretty much booked our wedding and paid our initial deposits, well, it's worked in our favour and we don't have to cancel or even postpone our date.  (I'd like to say "so there" right about now but feel if I put it in brackets, it sounds less childish!).

And for all those other people who may be experiencing redundancy, my advice would be to not suffer in silence.  Family and friends will be there for you to rant to and things won't be as bad as what they first appear to be.  You adapt because you have to.  You cut corners where you can, for example, downgrading your TV, phone or internet package, cut down your trips to the cinema and stop having as many takeaways as you may have previously done.  Also, there are organisations you can turn to including Citizens AdviceThe DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) and make sure you bookmark your local paper's website for local jobs and the Job Centre.

A very intelligent person only recently said to me "thoughts become things, so believe that it'll happen and you'll find that suddenly, it's happening".  

It's all about the positive thinking.

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