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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Take a Pew...

The Reverend Boadicea Geraldine Granger
*The Vicar of Dibley will not be marrying
us unfortunately!
Mr S and I went to visit our vicar who will be marrying us for an 'informal discussion'.  We had been corresponding by phone and email much to my delight, as I am so very impatient and an email sometimes is quicker to respond to.  I feel that I must stress here that I was indeed very proper in the first instant when I hand wrote a letter to the Reverend Emm but in return I received a telephone call asking for emails in future.  Who doesn't love a good, old fashioned letter?  Well I do so insist today's society grasp this tradition once again and get writing.  Not only that but I am yet to hear of somebody who doesn't get that pang of excitement when a handwritten envelope gets posted through their letterbox.  Just me?  Come on!  Especially in a world where post is mostly bills, junk, more bills, political garbage and more junk.

Anyway, I digress.  So, I forgot to ask the vicar where we were supposed to meet him.  We drove up to our church and both me and Mr S looked out for a house with a sign saying "The Vicarage".  Safest bet, we thought.  Seeing no such sign, we assumed it would be the quaint little house surrounded by the perfectly kempt gardens that stood next to the church grounds.  So off we trundled to enter the said gardens.  Twas a good job that Mr S caught sight of the vicar strolling into the church behind us.  Before being accused of trespassing, we made a swift exit and followed the path of the vicar; where he wanted to show us their new toilets.  Yes, you read right.  Our church have had new toilets installed.  Who'd have thunk it?! Not me.  

The meeting with the vicar went well and we agreed that I'd make a courtesy call to the church warden to inform her of our need for help with church decorations.

As promised, I called the warden who was an absolute delight to talk to.  She was so lovely and was really enthusiastic and excited that we were getting married at St Mary's.  But when I asked her about costs, she went on to inform me that "we could spend £1000 and it probably wouldn't look like we'd even decorated".  *Bam*.  That right there, is just one way you could  utterly dishearten an excited bride.  The conversation continued along the lines of pew ends being between £10-£20 each; and me panicking at the thought that there are 28 pew ends.  I'll be honest, I felt anxious and was upset that we'd be far too over our budget.  We've already used some of our flower budget with the florist that we've used for the bouquets, buttonholes and corsages, see. 

Knowing that I don't just want a bow ribbon tied to the end of the pews and knowing full well that we can't afford up to £20 per pew, I thought I'd try and do my own.  I've also compromised and am doing my pew ends on every other pew so only need 14 pieces.  

Each one has probably cost around £3 each, if not a little less!  It's simple, is using some of the flowers that I already am using in the wedding and if I really wanted, I can sell them on after the wedding to make some money back!

I must apologise for the shoddiness of the quality of picture as it was taken on my phone (Mr S had stolen my camera to take a picture of the latest fish he caught).  What do you think?! Would love to read any comments you have on these or on any other DIY decorations you've seen or made yourself.


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