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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Astley Clarke Wedding Jewellery

Astley Clarke are a British company who offer a luxurious jewellery range for all occasions, including weddings, and even have a celebrity fan base.  Offering high quality wedding jewellery without the high quality price tag!

Wedding Rings

Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and naturally every bride wants each detail to be perfect.  But perfect can sometimes come with a very steep price tag, and we can’t all marry a billionaire like Mr. Christian Grey (unless it’s in our dreams)! So what options do we have? Compromise or sell some organs? The good news is your organs are safe. High quality wedding rings in all shapes and styles can be found at reasonable prices with a little consideration of the finer details, and some serious shopping around. 

Ladies Wedding Ring
Wedding jewellery sales

Many wedding jewellery suppliers have sales on in quiet months when people would not typically be shopping for wedding jewellery, so look at getting your wedding rings early and out of wedding season as you could end up getting your dream ring for less than half its usual price! Check out Astley Clarke’s classic wedding rings, they have a selection of timeless classic styles to suit any tastes.

Bespoke wedding rings

Bespoke wedding rings, rings that are made to fit a unique design decided by you, are often thought to be an expensive choice as they are made from scratch. But made to measure doesn’t always mean a hefty price tag. In fact, it can sometimes mean you save money by choosing the metal, amount of gemstones if any, width and size of the ring, etc. and having it made bespoke. Many rings come with a hefty price tag due to the name of the designer or jeweller it was made for, like Tiffany’s for example. Having the ring made bespoke means you are the designer, and the only cost is for the materials and labour that goes into the making of it!
Metal matters

Ladies Silver Ring
The metal that your ring is made from, and the gemstones it holds (if any) are two key factors in the pricing of the ring. If you are wanting a white metal, such as platinum or white gold, remember that platinum is a very expensive metal in comparison to gold, so would you be willing to opt for white gold to reduce the price of the ring by more than half? The same goes for the carat of gold that you opt for. Although 9ct gold holds far less gold than 18ct or 24ct, 9ct gold rings and other jewellery are stronger, because they contain more alternative cheaper but stronger metals in the mix. The less gold in the mix, the cheaper the ring will be, and the stronger it will be, a good thing to take into account when you will be wearing it for the rest of your life!

To see more of Astley Clarke's gorgeous range of jewellery, drop by their website