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Saturday, 7 January 2012

To Update You & a Bonus - A Cheap, Easy DIY Wedding Decoration Idea!

I know it's been over a month since my last post but it has been such a hectic time so please forgive my absence.  Firstly, and as my last post explains, I had to see to my poorly dog Barney (who is now in doggy heaven) as well as try and train up our new puppy Dudley.  He's such an obedient and clever dog but he has a problem with nipping our hands which I'm really trying to get him out of the habit of doing.  Secondly, it's been Christmas and with me having such a big family, it's been a busy period of parties, cooking, get-togethers and socialising.  

So I hope whoever is reading this had a lovely Christmas and I'm sending wealth, health and happiness for the New Year.

My beautiful engagement ring which
Mr S picked out all by himself!
In the midst of indulging in the seasonal festivities, Mr S and I took a trip into our local jewellers and chose our wedding rings.  I did toy with the idea of having a traditional plain white gold band but in the end I decided it didn't compliment my engagement ring so have chosen something a bit more special.   I'll not show it just yet as I'd hate to jinx anything but the most important thing is that I love it and can't wait to wear it!  Mr S really surprised me with his choice but, to be honest, it is very 'him' and it's lovely.

I thought I'd write this post to update readers as to what I have planned/booked/actually sorted, but in all honesty, I think I'm using this as an excuse to feel a bit smug but also to get it straight in my head as to what I still have left to do (not feeling so smug now).  So, if you're all sitting comfortably, I'll begin with what has been sorted since my post titled The Planning So Far... 

Added to our wedding rings, I have bought my shoes.  After seeing them on another bride in Wedding Ideas magazine, I was on a mission to find them and it was a lot harder than I thought.  Apparently Kurt Geiger's Jitterbug heels in nude are now discontinued (or so I read somewhere), but after setting my heart on them, I wouldn't give up looking and my search paid off!  So now, please, take a moment and allow yourself to ogle over my lush wedding shoesies *happy sigh*.

Mr S has also bought his wedding shoes in the River Island January sales - bargain!  

I've also bought all of my invitations and envelopes and done mock designs of my menus, rsvps, order of service and the day and night invitations themselves ready for when they are needed.  I got the majority of my blank invites etc from The Wedding Crafter.  I found them to be really reasonable, have a good selection available and their website offers advice, tips and inspiration as well as printable inserts.  When I was placing my order, I checked out their 'special offers' page and they were selling blank square invites for £1.99 per pack (of 10) - a bargain to be had for budget brides.

Next, I've managed to find myself a wedding dress hoop (to give structure to my gown).  The place I have ordered my dress from was going to charge £65 for me to buy a hoop from them however, I've found a similar one on eBay for £15.  A saving of £50, which, in turn, was used to get Mr S' shoes.  I will be going in with my eBay hoop to try my dress on with it as from reading numerous wedding forums, sometimes a hoop may give a "lampshade" appearance to your gown if it's the wrong shape and so the sensible thing to do will be to go and try it all together.  Fingers crossed it turns out how I hope.  Once I go to get fitted for the actual ordering in of my gown, I'll use a voucher I've been given to order a veil or similar.  I know which one I'd like so it's just a case of ordering it at the same time my measurements are taken, and after the Christmas and New Year I've had, it'll be a good month or two of cutting back and exercise before I feel confident enough to get measured!

Lastly, I've given my cake toppers another go.  This time, instead of using different coloured plasticines , I've made them out of salt dough.  I've also done a trial run of a few other things I'm including in the wedding that is going to be made out of salt dough.  It's so easy and cheap to make:

Photo taken from Simply Savannah Events blog
First mix  2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and add 1 cup of water approx.  Be sure to add the water very slowly as it is easy to make it too wet and difficult to work - you'll probably not need the whole cup.  Roll out on to a floured surface as it's easier to work with and won't stick to your worktops!  Once you have your desired decoration, either leave to air dry for a few days or put on to some baking parchment and on to a baking tray and leave in the oven on no higher than 100'c for approximately 3 hours.  To make it really hard, add a teaspoon or so of lemon juice to your mix.    

People use this recipe with their children to make all sorts including Christmas tree decorations.  And in the words of Neil Buchanan, "try it yourself!".

Other nitty-gritty bits I've got to do are things such as formally meet the vicar, sort out a few surprises for Mr S, choose our hymns and readings (which are nearly confirmed but have another 2 hymns to choose), decide whether we are sending save the dates, make all the stationery and the cake toppers, which may I add, are more time consuming than originally thought, decide on decorations and then make them......the list goes on.

I'll get there though.....hopefully!

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