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Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Planning So Far...

Just to keep you all updated.  We have (depending on how you want to look at it) one year, 5 months, 8 days, or 17 months or 74 weeks or 524 days left until our wedding (I only know this thanks to the Wedding Caddy app on my iPhone - I'm not that obsessive, honest).

Now, I'll admit it.  I'm an organisational freak. There are two things in life that I love (other than Mr S, my family, friends and my pooch).  1. A good moan about things, and 2. Lists.  I have lots of lists.  Lists of things to do today.  Lists with things to do short-term.  Lists for Christmas.  Lists for shopping.  Lists of wedding stuff to do (obviously), and to back them all up, a list of my lists.  I can't help it.  I was once known at my workplace to have surrounded my screen, pin boards and desk with post-it notes with lists on them.  My addiction is as such, so addictive, that now even Mr S writes lists.  Not to the extent that I do but still. Anyway, you get the point.  I love lists and being organised and efficient.

I know some people may think I am getting carried away with booking and planning the wedding at this 'early' stage, but, the way I see it is: -

a)  We get our first choice of various suppliers;
b)  I want to be in the situation that with 6 months to go before wedding, I will have everything sorted so we won't need to do much else therefore alleviating a lot of unnecessary pre-wedding month stress;
c)  We know exactly how much we now have to pay off and how much we need to save each month to do so;
d)  In respect of the above, because we have more months to save, the amount we put away in our savings account on a monthly basis is less than say having to find the money within 12 or 6 months.  I liken this theory to that of a mortgage.  People opt for a 35 year mortgage rather than a 20.  Why?  Because their monthly payments aren't as high;
e)  If I spent any more time looking through the minefield of what is the Wedding Industry trying to pick suppliers and my different options, I think I would literally explode;
f)  I get to tick lots of things off my 'wedding to-do list' and it makes me smile and I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when I see I'm getting through it.

Now tell me they are not perfectly good reasons to have started my planning and booking.

So, so far, we have booked/paid for/put our deposit on/decided on/have, our church,which is St Mary's in Marshchapel, Lincolnshire; our venue, the Habrough Boutique Hotel & Restaurant; our photographer, James Green; our wedding transport, Silver Spirit Wedding Cars; my wedding dress, a secret for now but was from Proposals Bridal; another secret is our entertainment but we have it booked; Mr S and the other men's morning suits are from 1860; our place cards are nearly complete; our guest list is as complete as it can be at this stage; hymns are chosen; honeymoon destination is chosen but can't be booked until 11 months before; I know what I'll be walking down the aisle to; the guest book is bought; I've planned a few surprises for Mr S;  our insurance is from E and L Insurance and yesterday, we picked out our wedding rings from Ernest Jones Jewellers.  Although, we haven't actually paid our deposit as Mr S wanted to be sensible and sleep on it.

So you see, nearly all of our 'main' things are in place.  Other than the bridesmaids' dresses (and this has only been put off because one of my bridesmaids is pregnant), flowers (as I'm waiting to have a look at a supplier's work at a wedding I'll be going to soon) and cake (I've not decided on a final design yet but I'm nearly there!), it's really just the nitty gritty things that need sorting out.  To be honest, when I look at my nitty gritty list, a slight sense of panic and anxiety overcomes me.  The list is just so long and I can't get anything ticked off it yet which secretly makes me want to rip the list into little pieces.

I'm concentrating on looking out for shoes and accessories at the minute.  I've also just finished a few mock designs of different invitation styles.  I just need to show Mr S so we can make a decision on which we prefer, then I can start sourcing the materials to get them made!  

Am I too organised (as in freakishly?), or am I sensible?  Leave me a comment, I'd love to know your opinions or tips!

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