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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Wedding Dress Dilemma - Part I

Ok ladies (and gents?), The Time has come (N.B. 'The Time' has already been and gone but for the purposes of this particular blog - just roll with it).  'The Time' being for my first ever wedding dress shopping experience.  Eeeeeeek!

Well it happened last Friday.  Just to put you in the picture should you have not read my post Five Minute Freak Out, I hadn't a clue what sort of dress I wanted.  I didn't know what colour I wanted, (p.s. who knew there were THAT many shades of white and ivory?), I didn't know what style, what material, which designer that ticks my boxes (as I don't actually have any boxes), whether I wanted a train, whether I wanted sparkle, whether I wanted to be elegant, glamorous, fun, relaxed, sophisticated....I could go on but you get the gist.   The only thing I knew for sure was that I didn't want anything in my hair, especially not a tiara.  I don't think I'm a tiara kind of girl.  Don't get me wrong, I think they look beautiful on other brides, just not me. 

As I was saying, it happened last Friday.  It was a grey, cloudy but horrendously muggy afternoon.  I think it was maybe 24 'c (degrees).  Basically, it wasn't the best afternoon to go trying on big, heavy gowns.  But yes, I still did.  I'd arranged to meet up with one of my friends.  I pressed the doorbell of Proposals Bridal.  Excited but nervous.  The lady there buzzed us in and after a brief chat, I was left to look around the rails of luxurious, dreamy, exquisite dresses. 

I started looking.  'Ummed' and 'ahhhed', got distracted by something shiny, cooed over pretty hair pieces, went back to the rails, got distracted by the amazing shoes, realised I needed a dress first and so again, went back to the rails.  I picked out 4 - one of each designer the shop stocked, apparently.  Unbeknown to me, they were all quite similar, and nothing like what I'd imagine I would have picked.  It seemed to be quite a subconscious decision but I went with it and tried them on. 

The first I tried was a Natalie M (Opulence Collection).  It was magical.  Stunning.  I couldn't even look myself in the long, cream and beautifully carved mirror as I heard myself shriek "oh my God...I look like an actual bride".  The dream now fast becoming a reality.  Overwhelmed, is I think the right way to describe how I felt.  

Now, just for the record, the pictures I'm using are for illustration only.  I'm not going to give away the style, shape, colour etc of the dress I liked as I have people who will be coming to the wedding who read this, so being a bit secretive about it!  As you can see, Natalie M's gowns are absolutely beautiful.

Natalie M - Opulence, 2011 Collection - 'Carnation'

Natalie M - Opulence, 2011 Collection - 'Fluer'  

The next I tried on was a Maggie Sottero.  Again, absolutely stunning.  I could tell that it was going to be a tough decision already and I'd only tried two on!

All brides should visit the Maggie Sottero website.  I challenge anyone to not want to try at least one of those fabulous designs on.

As I was saying, the third and fourth dresses I can't even remember.  That's how I know they aren't MY dress. 

After that, we went and had cream tea with scones at a local little bistro as we had a bit of time to spare before my next appointment.  For those that are interested, it was yummy.

Next we went to Pronuptia.  (Pronuptia are sponsors of The Lincs Wedding Show held on 4th September 2011).

I was attended to by Maria, who was absolutely lovely!  Just because they were there, hanging on the rail, teasing me, I HAD to try on one of the new Disney Collection by Alfred Angelo.

Alfred Angelo - Disney Collection - 'Belle'

Alfred Angelo - Disney Collection - 'Ariel'

I cooed over a specific one of the Disney collection for a long while before declaring it too over budget.  I'm not telling you which one just yet though. 

I did try on an amazingly elegant gown by Sincerity.  After trying this on, it was in my Top 2.  And, I found out that it was in the sale too at a fabulously bargainous price.  However, I have since been back to try it on again and near enough immediately knew it wasn't 'The One'.

Sincerity Bridal - 3542
I decided that enough was enough for one day.  Overcome with a lot of different emotions, I'd go home and sleep on the days events before coming to any decision.  I was excited, in a stupidly happy mood and couldn't wait to ring my mum and tell her what I'd seen.  I felt so loved up and was like a puppy, eagerly waiting for my fiance to get home from work.  If only, it was the same story when I had my second visit a week later......

I do have a Wedding Dress Dilemma - Part II, but you'll just have to wait until then.  Till next time.  x

* Images courtesy of their respective designer's websites. 

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