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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hello again

No I've not disappeared, the most important thing is that I've finally found a little bit of time to blog! What with attending wedding fairs and making wedding related decisions not to mention working full time, redecorating or kitting out most of the house, welcoming a new nephew (congratulations to my sister-in-law and her husband on the birth of baby Walter, and well done for bringing all 10lb 6.5oz of him into the world Emma!) and looking after my teething puppy Dudley -  Who knew either frozen carrots or an old slipper stuffed with a few old t-shirts would work actual wonders!

I've just recently given my mum and the soon to be mother-in-law a card with the following poem in;
Now how is it fair, 

that we pay for all the men?
when really nobody's eyes,
are focusing on them.
So please accept this money
to put towards a dress
so as we are not the only ones
who'll hopefully impress!

I figured that considering I have a new dress, the bridesmaids dresses are being bought for them and we've hired suits for all the men including the dads, why is it that the mums are the only ones left out?  So we budgeted in that we would contribute per mum however much it is to hire an individual suit.  

I've been getting excited when receiving emails from my mum with links to dresses that she likes (for her) - almost as exciting as when I was picking out my dress!  Oh and if your mum wants to wear something on her head but without it being a full on hat, I love love love this fascinator.  The photo doesn't do it justice though - I know because I saw it on a display stand in the store.
Available from Phase Eight

The other thing I've been busy doing is creating two mocks of our day invitations.  Three hours it took me to do just one - three whole hours.  I've now done them both and we've picked a design we like the best.  Since we picked the design, it meant that I could try and make mocks of our order of service, menus and RSVPs.  

To say that I've been a busy bee is a bit of an understatement. 

Now that Mr S' sister has given birth, my attention has been turned towards thinking about bridesmaids dresses again.   I've pictured some dresses that I'd approached my bridesmaids with but they seem happier with a different dress so for the moment, just like with my own and my mums, it'll be kept under wraps.
Both dresses available from Coast

We're going to wait a few months before actually ordering anything in for the girls to try which is going to be a mean feat for me.  If you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know how freakishly organised I am.  I like things to be done.  Well, I like being able to tick things off my list.  My organisational qualities have worked in our favour though as we'd (when I say "we", I actually mean me) planned to book most things last year which left us from January to October to pay things off in order to then have time to save up for Christmas and the deposit for our new house.  We're only in February now and we've already paid off over half which, understandably, I'm over the moon about.  

There is one specific "thing" I want to book for the wedding but I don't think our budget will stretch that far and so we'll have to risk waiting until further into this year to maybe book but by then, our date may already have been taken.

A work colleague of mine is at this very minute on a cruise around the Caribbean and has been married on board.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Barnes!  So now it's just me and another work colleague who are planning the Big Day.   

Only my hair and make up, bridesmaids dresses, cake and flowers are now left to sort out.  Thank you to Crosskills Florist in Grimsby, Lincolnshire who were very helpful at a recent wedding fair and went to the extent of contacting me later on that week after finding out the exact name of a rose I liked the look of on their stand.   

Quicksand Rose

Right, now to go and try and shift some of the wedding budget around....*gulp*

* Photo of Quicksand Rose courtesy of The Wedding of my Dreams blog/Passion for Flowers

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